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     Whitetail Crossing is located in Central Kentucky just outside of Springfield, Kentucky.  This area located in Washington County is well known for producing trophy class whitetails.  Whether you are interested in hunting with a bow, muzzleloader or gun we will work hard to put you on a trophy class whitetail or gobbler. We currently manage over 5,000  acres of some of the beautiful countryside you will ever see.  We manage over 21 different farms, so we are not hunting the same deer herd and this also allows us to keep pressure to a minimum.  Kentucky is unique in that it is one of the ONLY states that gives you a real shot at a trophy whitetail deer in FULL VELVET.

What Kind of Hunter are You
Whether you are a Do-it-Yourself Hunter, a Hunter looking for a Guided hunt, or a Hunter Looking for a hunt where there are NO SIZE RESTRICTIONS, we have an option that works for you.  The work ethic here at Whitetail Crossing is unmatched and shows in our success.  You are trusting us to put you on trophy buck and our goal is to do just that.
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Look No Further ... for that Buck of a Lifetime

We currently manage over 5,000 acres ranging from 25 acre farms to near 1000 acre farms, all of which we mange for Trophy Class Whitetail Deer.  We have a 125" Minimum on all our bucks, with a zero tolerance policy, helping us take the next step in growing our business.

Our farms are covered up with a variety of different animals including Trophy Sized Whitetail Deer, Turkey, Raccoons, Birds, Squirrels, Coyotes, and the occasional Bobcat.  We have all you could possibly ask for in hunting retreat.

Get the Full Year Experience

We have over 60 Covert Scouting trail cameras in the field throughout the year so we can learn our deers travel patterns.  Once we located a shooter buck, he will end up on "The Hitlist".  Here, you will be able to stay updated with every shooter on our property.  The bucks name, age, approximate score, recent activity and sightings will be listed below each picture.  A question we are often asked is "How can you tell if a deer is 130"? By checking "The Hitlist" you will start to learn the characteristics of a 130" buck.  We will do our best to educate you on how to judge a buck before you ever step foot in the woods.

Trail cameras are only one aspect of the hunt. We plant a lot of our food plots in August and want  you to experience that as well.  While we work, you can watch.  We will be wearing action cams, so you can see how we prepare our Whitetail food plots.  We have planted clover, alfalfa, chicory, grain sorghum, corn and soybeans for the summer months.  We will planting winter wheat and oats in the fall.


During the summer, bucks are on a fairly predicatble feeding pattern and very visible. Every hunter wishes they could go sit out and watch these bucks feeding out in the fields but often don't have the time.  Not a problem.  We will be out scouting with our binoculars and video camera.  Throughout the season, as we get video footage, whether it be velvet footage or hunts during the season, we will be posting it on our website for you to see exactly what is going on.

At Whitetail Crossing, we want you to build new friendships, swap stories, share your knowledge and just relax.  You will have the opportunity to fish on our 6 acre lake, shoot at some of our 3D targets, sit on the porch swings, scout the area from our viewing deck, or enjoy hanging out in our game room equipped with a full size pool table, dart board, and poker chips.  


And Yes, even the boss knows have to have some fun


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